Friday, July 20, 2012

NBA Approves Ads on Jerseys

Patrick: According to the Associated Press, the NBA has agreed to put advertisements on their jerseys for the 2013-14 season.

While soccer has adopted this, it makes sense for them to have ads because there are no commercials during a game. NBA games seem to have commercials every 30 seconds so I personally don't see the need for putting ads on jerseys.

I haven't seen what the ads would look like but I would definitely be more sceptical to buy a jersey now. NBA jerseys are already not the most attractive so while teams might increase revenue through the ads, they could lose a lot in jersey sales.

Travis: The one advantage the NBA has over other sports is their lack of team logos on the jerseys. I honestly don't see a problem with putting a small ad near the shoulder, replacing the adidas logo or the NBA logo.

Patrick: If it's just a small ad near the shoulder than I can live with that. However, anything across the chest or on the back of the jersey is a problem with me. For me, NBA jerseys are already not very classy and the ads will just add to that (no pun intended).

Travis: If it adds revenue to the league I say go ahead and do it. NBA jerseys have little historical significance compared to jerseys like the Montreal Canadiens or the Yankees so it's not like you are defacing the Mona Lisa.

Patrick: While they make look natural on the Timberwolves jerseys, having them on jerseys like the Boston Celtics  just won't look right. The Celtics have worn the same jersey since Red Auerbach was calling plays for Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Tom Heinsohn and the rest of the great Boston Dynasty. Changing it now is unfortunate.

Travis: It would be interesting if the teams could secure sponsors that fit in with their jersey colour. How cool would it be for the Celtics to have a Heineken logo on their jersey which would blend right in?

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